Thursday, July 2, 2009

Burberry Goes Glam

A girl has to do what she has to do and in this case it was re-gift a Burberry box to fit an array of gift items that wouldn't fit into my normal size boxes. My friend Stephanie brought this larger Burberry box over for me to blog re-gift, little did she know I would use it for that and then to wrap up the birthday gift she ordered for a 19 yr.old girl. She kind of enjoys this whole re-gifting phase I am in and won't mind this re-gift solution. She has been thinking through an upcoming guest post on re-gifting store bags. When she does join us you are in for a treat, this friend has taught me more than a thing or two about gift wrapping.

I was lucky (again) that the Burberry logo wasn't too big, out came the Paris stickers and the melon colour put me into a whole colourway that I thought would be fun, but sophisticated for a 19 yr.old girl.

My very stylish friend told me I was a bit of a snob about gift bags and she is right. I love a boxed gift, I think it is the most gracious way to present a gift. There I said it. If I use a bag for your gift, it means one of two things, actually it means all of the following. I am in a hurry or/and I am not crazy about the person I am gifting, the recipient is under 10 yrs. old, or the recipient won't appreciate the difference. I just happen to think a boxed gift is so much more elegant and civilized. But.........I know gift bags are a choice for many who don't gift wrap for a living so I told my friend she is more than welcome to tell you how to re-gift a store bag in all kinds of clever ways and she is very, very clever. She may even convert me! I do have to admit that I love folding and pleating tissue and the effect of opening a gift under folded layers of tissue. So maybe it isn't that I am a bag snob, I just love tissue really neat and crisp as shown above. And in all fairness, I do give you lots of ways to re-gift store boxes so it isn't as if I am not helping you be economical in your gift wrap endeavors. Perhaps I just need to figure out a new way to use bags with pleated tissue.......another little challenge.

I did a flat wrap on the larger box so it would fit into the limited box depth. The only way this was going to work was if I kept the bows to a minimum. I used another larger Paris label to jazz up the flat wrap on the Anna Griffin Social Stationery Set and I used grosgrain ribbon on the matching Mousepad, pencil case, and tube pencils as it is the least likely to crush and crease, good to know when shipping a tightly-packed gift by the way.

Everything neat and tidy and layered just perfectly.

The new A Gift Wrapped Life gift labels that go over my folded and pleated tissue. Now tell me that doesn't look better than crumpled tissue.

I have a new wired black & white striped ribbon that I just love using. I have never been much for wired ribbon but I sure seem to be changing my tune with this one (that happens alot around here). The gift could go out the door this simple, in fact I love the understatement........but this is me who's wrapping so let's keep going.

I added in a gorgeous melon coloured silk double face satin to go with the coral tissue and orange ribbon and then topped it off with another layer of the dramatic black & white stripe. I love this combination with the soft Burberry tan box. I had no idea where I was going with this when I started, but really wish I had a good supply of Burberry boxes, they are gorgeous and a wonderfully neutral tone. I do have some of their bags so maybe there's another bag re-gift challenge for my friend.

I could have used my white paper flowers but I kind of liked the twist that came from adding the unexpected celadon green. In fact, I liked this effect so much, I'm going to order a tan giftwrap right now.

Happy July 4th Holiday to all my American readers ~ Hope you are having a lovely day with family and friends and lots of fireworks......hundreds of them.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Sande,

    I couldn't agree with you more - a box is far more civilized and elegant than a gift bag!

    Sure wish I was the 19-year-old receiving this fabulous gift wrapped box of delight! Gorgeous!

    Happy weekend to you!

  2. OH My God! You make everything look so delicious I could just eat it! Or at least covet it! I have been scaling down and trying to get rid of things but I swear, just taking a peek over here makes me want to order one of everything! From now on you are going to be my one stop shop for gifting and re-gifting!

  3. Oh my, this is lovely! I love how you built around the Burberry box. What a great idea to create stickers to use on an existing box.

    The finished product is gorgeous!! LOVE the colors...and that wire ribbon is fab!

    Happy 4th!

  4. Sande~
    I would take a box over a gift bag any day!! Beautiful! Are those really sticker that say The Gift Wrapped Life with your banner picture on it?? O M G ! Amazing!! I WANT ONE!!

  5. Simply stunning there is nothing better than to recieve a gift wrapped box, just the opening of them are a pleasure, Happy 4th July Elaine :)

  6. So gorgeous its sublime!!!
    Too funny, Sande concerning you use of bags.
    I use giftbags only for those who I know wont appreciate it. I've many mums & dads who've probably cursed me under my breath but even for the little ones I go all out, sometimes even moreso. I think they really appreciate all the style...especially the little girls.
    Then again I'm the one that handpainted mylar for Christmas wrap 2 years ago, so perhaps I'm just nuts!!!
    Im under the notion you need to do a book.

  7. Sande-Wonderful colors. I love your new stickers with your logo. You have totally ruined gift bags for me. LOL I do think they are a great choice if the gift giver is a straight man or a child who can't really wrap well.

  8. this post...I've been absent for a while because my son just got married and now life is coming back to "normal"...right! Anyhow...this gift box is so lovely...don't know if you know...but "organge" is the color for the year 2009 and I love anything black and journals and blank books are my weakness. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring. Have a great weekend!
    Fondly, Roberta

  9. Sande, Burberry needs you as their stylist!! Love the tan with the black and white striped ribbon--but the melon ribbon and Paris stickers take it over the top. Absolutely stuning gift for the 19 year old girl. She will love the contents too! Lucky girl!! Brigitte

  10. Sande,
    I love the orange on the plain parcel post brown of the box. Orange is my favorite in paper and roses. Your blog always inspires me. I love the comment you made about "using a bag" and I agree. There is just something that says "I care about you" when you take the time to wrap something beautifully. Keep it up, yours is the first blog I visit each morning.

  11. Sande,
    As always, what you do is totally fabulous!

  12. Always something different and clever Sande - this ex Burberry looks fab and I don't even miss the tartan....happy weekend, xv.

  13. I agree 100% Sande. I love boxed gifts and rarely give a gift in a bag if I can help it.

    Just noticing the UPS going to Florida, beautiful colours. And then I just saw this masterpiece of melon. Gorgeous.

    I will need a gift for July I think the end, I have just been trying to see if the person will be at home at the time.

    I am going to peruse your gorgeous stuff.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  14. Sande I forgot to tell you yesterday how much I love your gift labels.

    By the way your Mom was so right.


  15. I just love watching you put together anything! (Love that Paris label too!!) Hope you had a most fabulous weekend!

  16. The box is lovely - very Parisian. And I love your new labels.

  17. Its a very good way to present a gift. Thanks for the whole process. I will definitely try this to present a gift to my boyfriend as his birth day is coming soon.

  18. Your new labels are beautiful! Also love the black and white striped ribbon -- how elegant!

  19. STUNNING! I hope you'll give us more tutorials on gift-wrapping... I want to learn from The Master, herself! : )


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