Friday, September 28, 2012

Perfect Black Colette

Just seconds after I innocently snapped this iphone photo at Colette, the trendy Parisian concept store known for it's well-heeled customers and well-stocked water bar, a most serious and beefy security guy came up to my shopping partner Vicki and sternly said " no photos".   Though she clicks away at a pretty fast and furious pace, Vicki actually hadn't clicked yet which is precisely what she told him. The discussion even got to the point where she offered to remove the offending camera from around her neck, let him take a look and prove there wasn't any "Colette" images. So I guess that technically means I am not supposed to have this image of my perfect black dress. Oops. Actually, two black dresses if I care to be precise but it is the plunging one on the left which will serve as my post-Paris reminder........... 

........that there is nothing wrong with wearing too much black. When I was packing to leave for Paris I lamented that "I have too much black" followed by "I am so boring" followed by "I need to wear more colour". That little black dress reminds me that I actually love wearing black. It's divine. That's it. I am wearing black. 

I love to wear black but that doesn't mean I trust it unconditionally. Black can be forgiving but it can also delude me into thinking I am more svelte than I am so I wear it cautiously. Try not to be fooled by it's tomfoolery effect at the end of the day. Especially after all those delicious Paris lunches......look at this smoked salmon presentation with the plate of huge blinis (no wimpy little ones for me) and the huge plate of frites that magically appeared with every meal! Who ordered those?

I am not a lady who lunches on a regular basis. Like never. But sitting sideline at Hotel Costes observing the beautiful people in the sunlit courtyard at lunch is an event to add to your Paris must-do list. You will see shiny hair swinging, serious shopping bags, and runway-style wait staff........might as well enjoy the parade and order a Moelleux Au Chocolat which is why we are talking about the perfect black dress. Note that I do not call it the little black dress. Just the "perfect black dress" whatever size that may be.

Right now I need this photo of my perfect black dress by Azzedine Alaia to keep me in line..............and no more frites on the side even though I have been craving them all week long. Though if you do happen to be in Paris today, you can visit Colette after 5 pm and have Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist sign a copy of his new book Closer. Sounds like the perfectly chic occasion to wear black to me.

And did you know that this studded Milwauke boot by Etoile Isabel Marant was the "most loved boot"  at Barney"s yesterday? Which is the only place you can buy that Azzedine Alaia dress in North America........ just in case you were hunting one down. 

                                 See my Love Wearing Black board on Pinterest here.

iphone photos by Sande Chase


  1. How well I understand your lamenting "too much black." But, for me, black is always right...and I love that dress! Are you with us for "By Invitation Only" this coming Tuesday? xx's

  2. I kept reading hoping that the following words would appear ....... 'and so I treated myself to this perfect black dress, because I deserve it'.
    Shopping separation anxiety can be painful.

  3. Sande I wear a lot of black as well...and that IS the perfect black dress; love the plunging neckline and the flared skirt. I envy (a bit) your time with Vicki. I can see how much fun you had together.

    Art by Karena

  4. I was hoping those words would appear too Katherine and the dress! Way over my budget but it was lovely. xx

  5. It is perfect isn't it Karena......and we did have so much fun shopping (at Zara). xx

  6. I had the whole "too much black, I'm boring" conversation yesterday. But I think I'm going to embrace it. I will think of you on my next shopping trip. AMAZING photos of your trip. I've been brushing up my French (with the help of some divine CDs.) Wish I could go get some practice in.

  7. Sande, that is the PERFECT black dress. I love reading your post about Paris. I just got back myself and already want to return. Paris gets into your heart before you know it!! Love it there, the charming people, the lifestyle, food, history, architecture, I could go on and on....
    xo Kathysue

  8. Really fun post about two really fun women in Paris. Love reading both of your versions...... Never too much black! Let's your personality shine, especially you two, eating mounds of frit at Hotel Costes! Cynthia

  9. I can never have enough LBD + adore your adventures.

  10. I too adore lunch at the Costes could do some damage with the fries too! the LBD is gorgeous did you bring it home with you?

    I too am buying less black trying to work other neutrals into my wardrobe but I would make an exception for this dress!

    Elle x

  11. Gorgeous dress.......never can have too many perfect blk dresses! They have saved the day on many occasion for me so I owe them big time. Plus it makes the perfect backdrop for amazing accessories and jewelry to shine!

  12. All the best dressed ladies (including lovely ladies commenting on this blogpost) do wear black it is our best kept secret for style success. Love both dresses pictured here and have several black dresses myself and several pairs of black pants, shoes, purses, etc. Love, love, love black it makes us feel sexy, and chic, and that's why we wear it.

  13. I wear so much white all spring and summer. Love it! Now I must visit your all black board to get inspired for Fall! Both of these dresses are to die for Sande! I must also mention that you're getting to be a Sartorialist yourself with your quick snaps and excellent photography my dear.

  14. Every woman needs an LBD! Black is definitely my fall uniform. You just can't go wrong with anything in black! Great looks amazing!

    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  15. 14 years in NYC, almost three in Paris....I unapologetically LOVE to wear black, even now in California. With some white in summer, with a few nice jewels. The Colette LBD is great...just catching up on your posts on the heels of my parental's all goodness here!

  16. Not only were the pics in YOUR camera, they are now circulating the entire UNIVERSE! Way to go, Sande!


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