Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Have a Paris

The best part of any return trip is looking at all your photos. I actually saw all that? So much is happening visually when walking the immense trade-only hallways of the Parisian design show Maison & Objet, it's hard to focus. I rely on my photos to remind me of what caught my eye, what caught my fancy. Without those, it can become overwhelming to remember. I am not the spring chicken I was back in the beginnings of my trade-show days. I have been busy editing and organizing my 2,000 photos, most of which I took with my iphone. Lucky for me that I diligently transferred my daily photos each night...........but that is another post about Paris. 

Displays were full of playful colour, reminding us to have a bit more interior fun. Need some bistro chairs or stools? Then mix them up, why stick to one colour? Or one style? I noticed this stylish mix at a few restaurants in the south of France and I am all for capturing that vibe.

I loved these playful chair covers to style up rental or folding chairs. They could be used for indoor or outdoor parties, even to dress up a home office. Choose one style or go crazy and mix them up by style and colour. Things were a bit more fun this show.

Playful transportation. Random entry. 

I always called these buduoir chairs, the sloped arms were originally designed to give more room to volumnious gowns. A gown skirt that can spread remains wrinkle-free and presents a more beautiful pose. Today, the principle remains the same, a lower chair allows for more graceful movement when dressed to the nines. It also can be easier to play the shoe game, these. Those fashionistas from a few centuries back had it all figured out. I wonder if they had all these colours?

Look at the size and scale of this petite chair. 
Some serious chair style for the young, wouldn't you say?


Subscribers may have missed all the wonderful "girlfriend" blog buzz last week. A beautiful post on friendship written by Vicki Archer reminded many of us how important our female friendships are in our lives. Click here to read Vicki's post and reader comments, even better, share it with your most wonderful friends.

iphone photos by Sande Chase


  1. Such a riot of vibrant colours! I especially like the clever chair covers - a brilliant idea to suit all tastes!

  2. Sande I love those whimsical chair covers; how fun. I love all of the bright colors!

    2012 Artists Series

  3. It was such fun spending an evening with you and Vicki! i reaslly enjoyed meeting you, next time in New York perhaps. i loved reading Vicki's piece on friendship, so eloquent and beautiful.

  4. I am hoping that retailers are bold enough to buy at least one of every colour - no more boring neutrals. The printed chair covers and cushions are incredible, and I'm sure they'll be a huge hit.

    Looking forward to hearing more of the adventures of Paris and girl time with Vicki.

  5. I love the chair covers for the rental chairs!

  6. Sande, Having a camera in hand is like reading a book to learn stuff rather than for pleasure. You tend to see with different eyes--eyes of those you are planning to share with. Reading the book to learn stuff makes you aware of the points to underline. With both, you can't ever "get lost" and enjoy on a purely sensual level. But thanks to you, WE get to enjoy what you saw, on a purely sensual level. And I'm sure that going through the 2,000 pics gave you a great trip back to then. thanks for sharing all this and I for one look forward to the rest of the deliciousness you discovered!

  7. Oh those chair covers are a fab idea. I also love that little chair, such beautiful workmanship. You must have had a wonderful time in Paris.

    Lee :)

  8. I love that I have inherited and over the years have collected many different chairs instead of matching and I'm finally in fashion - hehe!!! Funny I've never been a matchy, matchy girl but love so many different things that I need one of everything instead but that's just me. My favourite photo is the one of all those groovy chair covers with all the different chairs printed on them - fun, fun, fun!

  9. I adore chairs, color, and this was a thoroughly enjoyable post for me. I am glad I stumbled on your blog and know I will enjoy coming back again. Blessings, Lisa

  10. Wow...looks like fun. Thanks for the shots and bringing us along and sharing with us later on too.

  11. what a great post! and I am so very happy that you are blogging again!

  12. Where where where to get the chair covers?!? Do you by any chance remember who the vendor is for those! Love your blog! I pin a lot of your images as we have very similar tastes!

    Please reply if you have any additional info on the covers...I must have!


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