Friday, January 13, 2012

Granola Gifting................hello comfort

Even though it doesn't seem like winter yet, such an unseasonably mild stretch this year I must be feeling some type of winter nesting urge because I am cooking and baking up a storm over here. Lately I have been referring to Pinterest using my board labeled Hungry as an online recipe source, you have thought of using it that way haven't you? I tried a chocolate sour cream cake that was quite yummy but I must say the chocolate frosting was incredible. In between trying new recipes I have been baking up more than a few batches of the Granola recipe from our trip to Rancho de los Caballeros that I told you about in this post here

You might remember that the recipe was restaurant-huge so I halved it and still ended up with three professional sized trays, more than enough to bring some Hello comfort to anyone I see in the next week. So far that has included my yogurt loving manicurist, my dog sitter, four friends, and a former client. There is some major comfort in granola and what better way to say a winter hello? 

I just happened to have a set of twelve glass jars in my storage room so they worked out quite good for my ranch granola gifting and I was able to use my rubber stamps, tags, and labels from Besotted that I posted about before the holidays. The Ultimate Stationery Set was one of the best self-gifting presents I have ever bought for myself. I am thinking I may try to order a Homemade stamp, I have the Handmade one though I think that applies to crafts and sewing............though the granola was handmade so to speak wasn't it?

Just so you know, this granola is to die for.............really. 
I might be doing gift refills all winter long. Which may only be a few short months now...............

iphone photos by Sande Chase


  1. I would love to receive a gift like this - looks delicious and so lovely in those jars - would look stylish too in any kitchen!

  2. Yum! I love what's been cooking in your kitchen. The jars of granola are so pretty with their little hello tags!

  3. It looks yummy! what a sweet friend you are!! xoxo

  4. i almost fell over by the title.
    alas -

  5. Not only delicious looking, but the presentation is wonderful - of course!! Happy Friday ~

  6. Looks fabulously tasty - must try it hanks for the recipe.
    Bonne weekend

  7. ça à l'air délicieux
    Bon week-end

  8. I am going to try this! Your packaging is perfection, of course!

  9. Yum! I love making homemade granola :) And it's so healthy...

    XX Kathryn

  10. This is comfort food or snacks at its best...and beautiful

  11. Wish I were on your gift list ! Your granola looks so fabulous. And BTW, thanks for the link to Besotted. So great.

  12. Like those neat labels (and the jars)

  13. This is such a fantastic gift! And your labels look amazing!
    So inspiring!!

  14. Love love how you have presented the granola...just gorgeous!

    Have just got back from camping by the river...thanks so much for comment re posts this week.

    big hugs dj xxx


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