Thursday, January 12, 2012

Any gift envelope.............embellished and special

When I saw this gorgeous gift wrapping on Haute Design after the holidays while catching up on my favorite blogs I had a quick thought. I wonder if these are gift envelopes? If so, all the better and more impressive, do you use ribbon to dress up your gift envelopes? And why not? Nothing could make the recipient of a simple envelope feel all the more special whether it be a heartfelt birthday greeting, a pair of show tickets, a gift certificate, a spa day, and most especially a wedding gift card (I always wrap wedding cards with a beautiful ivory satin bow). From this day forward...........let's embellish our envelopes. It's a thoughtful touch that makes the giving and the receiving all the more special for all of us.

Photo found here via Sarah Klassen - Haute Design


  1. I'd certainly be absolutely delighted to receive a gift envelope like this. I like the idea of using several ribbons - why stop at just one? Beautiful photo. xo

  2. Gorgeous image Sande and you are so right! What a difference some beautiful ribbon makes!

    Art by Karena

  3. What a brilliant idea Sande and, so simple and effective. I always wonder how to make presents in envelopes look pretty. I don't know why I haven't thought of it !!!! Still, that's what everyone says when a great idea is born....I just wished that I had thought of the Harry Potter books before J.K. Rowling !!
    Have a lovely weekend Sande. XXXX

  4. I love the idea!
    Beautiful examples

  5. What a gorgeously simple and effective idea - thanks for sharing!

  6. You are definitely right! This year, my nephew was insistent that he wanted a gift certificate, so I complied, but I wrapped it in a tie box. From comments I made, I had him convinced it was a tie. He was a little disappointed and then when he opened it, was thrilled. But I was happier wrapping it up than just passing over a plain envelope.

  7. Jackie's comment is making me giggle, but I'm feeling the same way: why didn't I think of this? Brilliant, and I'm loving all those teal ribbons wrapped round and round--so pretty. I'm doing this next time I give a gift card!

    Another take on the ribbon idea . . . I gave gift cards to all my nieces and nephews at Christmas, and to make them special, I punched a hole in one corner of the envelope and tied a ribbon through to make a hanger. Then I attached each ribbon hanger to a glittery ornament shaped like the first letter of each kid's name (found them cheap at Target). Finally, I hung them on the tree Christmas Eve, so each kid could search for his/her gift. It ended up being quite cute! xoxo Gigi

  8. I vow to embellish! You always inspire me to go the extra little mile. I love that! I would love to get my hands on some of that teal ribbon... is it velvet? I love using different textures in my wrappings.
    Merci Encore,

    Parisienne Farmgirl
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  9. oh the purple and silver is grabbing me!

  10. How lovely are these! As a ribbon hoarder from way back, it's fantastic to come across a new use for them. Cheers from NZ, Karen

  11. These are brilliant... I began embellishing gift envelopes, this past year. It's gives it a bit more of importance than just a plain envelope. xo HHL

  12. Sande,

    I totally agree; if I am going to do something as simply give a giftcard or card, the least I can do is make the envelope extraordinary!
    This year I wrapped my chinese Christmas gift (an Amazon giftcard)in a padded envelope and decorated à la Restoration Hardware as well (though I never shared that package on my blog).

    Bon week-end to you as well!

  13. I love to embellish gift envelopes - people always appreciate the effort one makes. Often I use beautiful Japanese paper folded around the outside or origami to decorate gift envelopes.
    Warm regards

  14. Hello Sande,

    I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend so far! Thank you so much for the mention—this idea is so lovely, indeed :)


  15. Beautiful - a great and simple idea!!


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