Thursday, June 16, 2011

tulle, tissue, and itune movies

A quick explanation for my blogging absence. A major spring-cleaning and house purge that went longer than you can imagine, a unexpected dart-in-the-neck type of allergy response triggered by a late but pollen-laden spring that practically put me into a coma I swear, a bit of outdoor nesting as you will read about below. Sometimes that happens and once started I was determined to get overdue tasks out of the way before Daisy and I head up to Haliburton in Northern Ontario for July to spend time with my best friend at her most relaxing cottage. Plenty of girl time, hiking, rowing, swimming, campfires, and s'mores and absolutely no schedule, quite possibly no makeup either. I hope to blog but that will be based on their internet provider in this secluded setting. In the meantime, I still have several weeks to pass along some gift wrapping ideas of a more summery look. As I have claimed many times, I am not a crafty gal but even I can make these tulle and tissue pom poms. I think the combination of the soft and stiff materials gives the pom pom a bit more layered personality. I will try a few, some really big ones and show you how to use them for a soft and summery gift presentation. You can get started with this easy tutorial here.

Last winter I was watching the movie Sisters, kind of a depressing movie (based on the Anton Chekhov play) about a dysfunctional trio of sisters. When the movie opens, they are preparing a birthday party and as they are trading verbal barbs, one of them is hanging a most colourful garland of glowing birthday lights across a balcony staircase. I know it was the satin ribbon and brightly coloured bags that caught my eye and and I made a mental note to find the festive party enhancer, truthfully it was the only thing that made that movie rental worthwhile. To make a long story shorter, I finally ran across it this morning and the Martha Stewart tutorial can be seen here. Imagine the colour possibilities! I love them used outdoors (if the evening stays dry) but loved them equally as used in the movie, indoors to brighten up a wintry birthday celebration. 

Our screened veranda is finally finished and it has become one of those "why didn't we do this sooner" type of home projects, we do feel like we suddenly have a small cottage outside our living room. I believe in spending every minute of our relatively short summer season outdoors and to enjoy meals without swatting flies away has become an indulgent pleasure each and every evening. I have always loved screened porches and mostly because they strike me as quite cosy in the evening so the first thing I did was go buy lamps. To turn on an outdoor lamp in our area without attracting mosquitoes is quite the summer luxury, of course they still come but they can't get to us now. I have quickly progressed from nighttime reading to watching itune movies on my laptop which as led to the final decision in finishing our new living quarters which I knew would answer itself pretty quickly. I am so going to need a daybed..............function always follows form. 

Speaking of itunes movies...............and speaking of steamy! Leaving is a tortured and passionate love story, the kind that Kristin Scott Thomas does so well. There are sub-titles, a beautiful locale, no happy ending, plenty of steamy behavior, and a big far would you go for love? Note: I do watch all kinds of movies, fun ones too. 

Image 1 via Greedy For Colour/Image 2 via Martha Stewart/Image 3 and 4 via Google/ Links above.


  1. Well it all looks wonderful,welcome back Sande and i saw the film too shes great isnt she did you see " Vincere" !!! ... fay x

  2. So nice to have you back Sande! and sorry to hear about this nasty allergy but i trust you're all recovered now enjoying movies al fresco on the verandah...this movie Leaving sounds like one i'd love to see (love Kristin Scott Thomas and definitely find Yvan Attal quite cute:-) And of course...tulle pompoms are right my alley !
    Enjoy the summer....

  3. I love seeing your pretty face and the sunshine that you post:) Thanks for being here Sande, you make me smile.
    Hugs today!

  4. Glad to see you again in all your usual lovliness ! XO Lisa

  5. So happy to see a new post from you and glad to hear you're enjoying some girl time :-) The photos are great and I have to check out the tutorial for the bags. I certainly will have to watch that film too, it sounds beautiful... Love from London xo

  6. Love that depressing as it is......xv

  7. Such pretty pictures...I love Kristin Scott Thomas, shes one of my faves so I am going to look into seeing that movie.
    Stop by, last day to be eligible for my gorgeousKilim bench!

  8. The tulle with the tissue flowers are wonderful!

  9. Sande,

    I almost sent you an email the other day to check in on you. Glad to here all is well.
    Your veranda sounds lovely, and I'm a little envious of your outdoor dining:)
    My husband and I watched Partir a few months back, steamy it is...
    She definitely threw everything away for love (sadly it hurt her children too), and everything about the plot of this story was definitely like other French movies-no perfect happy endings, no predictable moments.

    Enjoy your vacation with your friend!

  10. I really enjoyed reading your post. The tulle/tissue flowers look so pretty and I really like the colored bag garland. Also, dining outside and not having to worry about the bugs would be great!!!

  11. Wow, Sande, what a meaty post! I love spending time on your blog... especially since you've been at the bottom of my Blog roll for some time since latest updates are on top!
    Glad to have you back... Awesome post!

  12. my daughter and her family just got back from Haliburton, Ontario & Eagle Lake...they had a lovely time and it was in the 80s a few days.have a great time!

  13. I hear ya sister! Purge on! I think that's what many of us are doing these days. Enjoy these relaxing days!
    xo Lisa

  14. Nice to have you back, Sande! You have reminded me to dig out the lanterns again; hope to see more pics of Miss Daisy on holiday soon~

  15. Oh - screened veranda - how lovely. We had a screened porch at our last house - I so miss it now!! We have an outdoor space planned if we ever get around to it. Count me in as another Kristin Scott Thomas fan - haven't seen this but she was so good in that other depressing French film - I've Loved You So Long.

  16. Thanks for the tutorial link...great for future use.
    So glad you're enjoying your new screened porch. Some of our best moments take place on our little 12x24" porch. Maybe one day we will be lucky enough to screen ours in, too, as it's really getting hot here in the south. Some evenings too hot and buggy to enjoy, so a fan brought outside helps. But I still love it!
    --Lee Ann

  17. The images are fabulous and this movie is on my list.
    Have a nice week.

  18. Oh Sande so good to have you back, it sounds like an amazingly fun time. Love the pom-poms and colorful lights, the covered veranda by the pool, and last however not least....the movie recommendation...I adore Kristin Scott Thomas.

    Art by Karena

    Be sure to enter my exciting Giveaway from the Artisans at Novica!

  19. Oh hi there honey, I was all ready to send out a search party...could take a while from my part of the world to yours haha.

    I think your hol's with your bestie sound just perfect. Totally envious.

    KST does so well in those movies, this one sounds steamy :)

    lots of love
    ps outdoor room sounds perfect...well done.

  20. I love Kristin scott thomas will have to hire that movie out!

  21. Beautiful post!
    The veranda! What a great idea!
    Thanks for the movie tip!
    Have a great weekend!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  22. Hi Sande ~
    I'm adding the French film to our queue. Hope you are enjoying summer...we definitely are with the crumb {aka mermaid of the pool}!

  23. Hi , tank you for passing and leaving your lovely comment!!!!
    You have a very beautiful blog, so glad to meet you.
    See you soon.

  24. Oh Sande, aren't times spent with old girlfriends just the best? I had a bit of that myself a couple of weeks ago. There is a certain warmth and unconditional love that comes from those that knew you 'when'.
    Keep purging good for the soul!

  25. Must watch the movie (love Kristin), and I am glad for the tutorials. Both ideas are very fun. I know you'll have a terrific time with your dear friend. It's actually sounds like a big slice of heaven pie, and ala mode!

    I love your new profile pic too, you gorgeous gal.

    Cheers x Deb

  26. A screened porch sounds like such an enchanting idea. Highly practical too!


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