Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yummy Treats at Summer Camp

These delectable notebooks caught my eye while spending a few humid minutes browsing a new blog named Simply Seleta. Actually it was way longer than that, you must go visit her charming blog that I found via the aqua-infused blog House of Turquoise. I loved the colours and simplicity of these personalized notebooks from Paperwink that were featured in a past post at Simply Seleta, wouldn't they make a lovely summer hostess gift? At $15.00 for a set of 3, I thought this personal gift treat was almost as satisfying as eating gelato in these delicious flavours. So yummy that it inspired another summer camp post of simple gift wrapping. Did I tell you that I had some pistachio gelato in Chicago on the holiday weekend? It wasn't as good as the huge scoop I had in Rome last fall, but I could live on that stuff right now. Especially today with the temp at 110. That is the Feels Like temp, but at that point I don't think it matters is just plain hot. Bring on the gelato.

It is all about the technique and this is a pretty simple and affordable presentation. Any solid gift wrap, a yard of satin seam binding ribbon, and two of the 8 Martha Stewart flower stickers. I showed you the same flowers in the bright tones the other day when I embellished the Kate Spade box. The 2 remaining white ones bring a fresh summer look to this gelato palette. 

While I was playing around, I also tried just a few other applications. Moved the flower around a bit. You could use this gift card to write a personal gift message. If I was a better camp leader I would suggest drying and pressing real flowers from your summer garden for a future embellishment. But buying them is about 100 times easier and summer camp is supposed to be kind of lazy.

I took an hour break from camp and headed over to my embellished world where more is always better (I did tell you I am a lousy camp leader). Since it is so cool here in my studio I wrapped up a trio of green paper flowers in satin binding ribbon just to see how they would look on this ribbon striped gift.

More can be better in my world....... flower on top and then another flower on the gift card.

Todays camp tools.

These Paperwink notebooks are also available in several other delectable colour combinations.

Photos 2, 3, 4 5, and 6 by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. I spent a good part of my morning following that link too. I love how one blog leads to another. And those notebooks caught my eye too. Definitely ordering some as stocking stuffers for the holidays.

  2. Hi Sande ~

    Isn't Seleta wonderful? Such a perfect combo of pert and effusive!

    Love the notebook idea for hostess gifts ~ and now I am totally craving gelato thanks to you and this post filled with gorgeous colors!


  3. I love Seleta, she is one of the very first blogs I started folowing once I found blogland, she is such a sweet girl and lovely family to boot. Love your ideas, you never cease to amaze me. Kathysue

  4. Those journals are gorgeous! I'm absolutely nuts about journals, and the fact that they can be personalized is a real treat!

  5. Dear Sande.
    Perfect for a summer wedding gift~ Those citrus colors are so fresh... Love it all!

  6. So pretty, Sandi! I love the colors and flower details of the wrapping -- and those notebooks are so sweet...

    Hope you're having a great week :)


  7. Thank you wonderful camp leader .... :)

    Those notebooks are cute and just love the wrap job, especially those green flowers, really sweet.

    Go and have a cool drink my dear,

  8. Sande, LOVE the journals! Off to check out the site now. May be in trouble :) Also love your cheerful wrapping. Lovely!

  9. Bonjour Sande, I love those green flowers, the shade is really delicate and feminine and works so well with the orange of the paper, beautiful.

    Those notebooks look fab, I've just started making notebook covers myself (though completely different) and I always carry one around with me because I never know when inspiration might strike and I have to write it all down there and then before I forget it again... Have a lovely day, Love from London x

  10. Sande, this is delightful! Your wrapping idea reminds me of cantaloupe in the summer time and I and I'm excited to pop over and visit Seleta, because these notebooks are exactly my cup of tea!
    Your creations are always wonderful.
    Stay cool! xx Suzanne
    PS: Hope your dad is doing well, especially with this heat : )

  11. Such a gorgeous and refreshing color for wrapping! So sorry it's so hot, been thinking of your Dad just like Suzanne. Hope he is recouping and behaving himself!

    Please join us for FrenchGardenHouse's Belgian Linen GIVEAWAY!~Lidy

  12. Oooooh . . . yes, I love these colors, and I always love little notebooks. I have too, too many of them, but I can always buy them as gifts! And gelato--is there anything better? I have melted into a puddle in this heat. Right now I'm staying at my sister's house while her kids are away at camp, and I've taken over one of my nephew's rooms simply because he has an amazing ceiling fan. I'll put up with sleeping with stuffed monkeys and lions as long as I have a ceiling fan! :)

    Stay cool, Sande! xo Gigi

  13. I never received a beautiful package like this when I went to camp :)!
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  14. Sande I love your kind of summer camp. No bugs and all beauty. The colors are like a slice of cantaloupe with fresh mint.

    Hope your weekend is not too hot but lots of summer fun! xx deb

  15. Simply stunning my friend. If I were to receive a gift wrapped as this - I would think I was in heaven!


  16. oh your displays are far too exquisite.
    they just make me feel bad :(
    about my poor wrapping that is. but besides that your posts are so pretty & uplifting!
    ugh i have to admit that i have failed at your cycling challenge. . .
    but, i have been WALKING to work every day since your inspiration!
    so. not as good as biking, but I have made some moves as a result of you. thank you!
    happy friday and thank you for the inspiration.

  17. Cantaloupe with fresh mint is the perfect description! I agree with more is more as I loved the last rendition most. It's so cool how you get so creative with gift wrapping and don't doubt that you are the best camp leader ever. I adore you!!!

  18. the notebooks are lovely! must order some at once . . . and adore how you adapted their theme into giftwrapping -- so clever and perfectly pretty . . .

    happy monday,

  19. I just love dropping by for a visit....I just love what you do!

  20. what a sweet gift idea...and the pretty wrapping doesn't hurt either. okay, off to check out Simply Seleta!
    xox alison

  21. Hi there, dear Sande,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment while I was away. You are really kind.
    What gorgeous little notebooks in such lovely pastel, ice cream colours.....and such a reasonable price. .....and your wrapping reflects those delicious ice cream hues. I just love how you think of different ways of making gifts look so divine. You are so clever.
    Hope all's well with you and your family and that your father is continuing to improve. Lots of love. XXXX

  22. Love love those perfect summer colours and yes edible !
    Hope you're staying cool and fresh, in your happy gift summer camp...
    And thank you for the cheers for Spain!

  23. Loving the colours on the journels love the gift wrapping too!!
    I havent been bike riding still so sorry I should be put in the hall of shame however Sande I have been doing Zumba once a week & absolutly enjoying myself :)))))

  24. Sande,
    Is everything well with you? Just checking:).

  25. Hello and happy weekend Sande......beautiful wrapping as ususal, xv.

  26. Thinking of you. Hope all is well and that the summer is being good to you.

  27. Just discovered your blog. How BEAUTIFUL! Love your ideas.. you are sooo talented!


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