Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Simple Kraft Boxes.........embellished

I am staying in the coolest part of our house right now. Temps are at 100 plus and as we all know you simply cannot put a 56 year old woman in that kind of heat and not have her display an awkward melt-down. I am cool as an English cucumber and playing with my collection of Martha Stewart scrapbook embellishments, continuing the summer camp of gift wrapping I talked about in my last post. In the summer spirit of keeping gift wrapping simple and easy, I also picked up a collection of basic Kraft boxes to illustrate that gift giving doesn't always have to be a overly-embellished affair. I have deliberately left the boxes unadorned, no gift wrap. Sometimes it is best to keep the presentation simple but thoughtful. When? giving a simple just thinking of you gift. a homemade gift. when you don't know the recipient well. if they live a green life. if an over-embellished gift would make them uncomfortable. when it feels right. when your gift message is simple. when you are sensitive to their reciprocal gift budget.

A special novelty ribbon can elevate even the most humble of gift boxes as seen with this bird nest stamped satin ribbon from Midori Ribbon. The contrast of materials, humble and luxurious, makes for a beautifully understated presentation. The secret to successfully wrapping simple gift presentations is understating the presentation but in a novel way. It shows thought behind the effort even when using the most humble of gift wrapping materials.

For the XO (Kiss Hug) box I used a small jewelry box in Kraft, recycled the brown ribbon from my Kate Spade store box and then added two silver letters from Martha Stewart. As there is no alphabet repeats in the set, you may have to get license plate clever with the words you use. Which can make it all the more fun and novel.

Nothing like a little sparkle to jazz up this larger Kraft box. I thought these Glitter Chrysanthemum stickers from Martha Stewart were a colourful embellishment and you could use a single mum or go colour crazy with multiples as I have shown in this photo. I like the stickers cascading over the box edge but a single glitter mum as seen in a section of the third photo (just brown and silver) works well too.

The MS letter stickers are slightly embossed which gives them an interesting dimension when used in such a simple application. You could also use their initials as a monogram or.............ooh, I just had an idea that would take care of single letters most efficiently(another summer camp post). Next post is the orange and white scrolls you see to the left. Isn't summer camp fun?

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life

Please Note: Due to the technical difficulties that Blogger was experiencing with comment moderation today, many comments that were received today were not posted. I was able to enjoy them by email. It appears the problem is fixed as the last comment received is now showing.  Hopefully, comments will be back to normal now. SC


  1. I like working with simple kraft boxes as well and your embellishments look lovely on them.

  2. This is such a nice idea! I sometimes worry the wrapping can be so grand it makes the contents a bit of a letdown :O(

  3. Sande, even your simple is spectacular! But I like the message of keeping the recipient in mind when considering the wrap as well.

    And it is SO hot in NY too! I have barely stepped out of the air all day - and only for a moment. Stay cool!

  4. All is relative I see.What you call simple is not so.But it looks simple and and a nice way to recieve a thoughtfull gift in.

  5. I have always loved the look of kraft boxes and paper. so simple and beautiful. your embellishments are perfect, as always!

  6. Sande,
    You never run out of beautiful ideas! I love this idea. Thank you for your sweet comment yesterday :).

  7. Sande ~

    Love the XO box! And I can't wait to see what you do with the orange and white scroll!

    Stay cool....

  8. Who knew Kraft boxes could be so exquisite! :)

  9. Oh you are so funny .... keep cool then darling ;)

    Love this and the tips about when to give a gift with a simple presentation. Beautifully done as always and some great ideas too.

    Waiting for the next post ... do tell.

  10. I loved the simplicity of these fun packages.

  11. Very pretty, as always, Sande; I love kraft boxes but these are much much prettier; stay cool in the heat...

  12. Sande, I'm just loving your summer camp!!!
    I love all of these presentations....simple,
    but elegant....pared down and cool, for the summertime! Thanks for coming over to visit;
    it is always wonderful to hear from you!
    xx Suzanne

  13. i only use kraft boxes and paper for my showroom's giftwrap. Yours have a totally different level though...inspirational!

  14. Sande, you are Back!! I miss seeing your post. I guess I just like a constant dose of Sande's talent. These are wonderful and summer camp is fun. I am totally inspired, but I always am with you, Kathysue

  15. You & MS are the perfect duo Sande. I love kraft paper boxes and bags. So plain but so so beautiful all the same when given a dose of treatment, especially yours.

    I feel for you with the heat. I don't know why I try to do my hair each morning & make-up as by 11 a.m. I'm in a puddle. Stay cool my friend x

  16. These are wonderful - sometimes, simplicity is the best creative challenge. I'd be delighted to receive one - and "cheap" would never enter my head!

  17. Hi Sande... I know, what was up with the comments today? I thought it was just me... Oh well. So glad I stopped over to see the latest ideas you've come up with. I adore Midori ribbon, especially the one you used today! I love simple and you made it look simply perfect. I would love to be a fly on the wall watching you play and create your lovely presentations :)
    You really are talented!!!!

  18. You are a very special artist, Sande. It is always delightful to see what you're up to. It is beautiful, as always. Stay cool. We all need to be in the a/c or shade. xx's

  19. you are so good! I love how simple and yet impressive they are.

  20. hello, not sure how I found your blog but so pleased I have; its so gorgeous...like stepping into a giftbox heaven!

  21. Sande,

    These simple boxes are beautiful now that you've added your special touch. I have boxes full of scrapbooking supplies that I seem to always use for things other than scrapbooking...giftwrapping will have to be the next use!
    You know, when it's really hot outside, I always find an excuse to eat some ice-cream...just a thought!

  22. You're just so creative and have such lovely taste. Every time I wrap a gift I think to myself...what would Sande do?

  23. Sande,
    Love this post! Love the simple decorations and always your ribbonry! Your style is always exquisite!

  24. You simply blow me away with your amazing talents for wrapping! These are beautiful! Love that nest ribbon!


  25. so much prettiness here!! i especially adore the top box, with the xo. thanks so much for sharing these :)

  26. Sande,
    Do you need an intern? My Taylor has fallen hard for A Gift Wrappd Life! First of all she loves your music (has added it to her playlist)and all the eye candy too.
    We have been doing the BIG closet clean-out this week and were looking at budget-friendly ways to organize all the stuff that's important to an 18 year-old. You nailed it here!
    We are headed to Michaels this evening!
    Thank you, thank you from her mom!
    xo Lisa


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