Wednesday, January 27, 2010

French Blue ~ French Blue

Show someone they are special this week.

Is there anything better than an unexpected gift?

One that is so perfect it takes your breath away?

One that just amazes you with it's thoughtfulness?

One that is just so you?


It's even better when it is from someone you adore.

If you know Janet at French Blue, her gorgeous blog, her website full of unique vintage finds , you will know how remarkable she is in her support of the women who surround her. She just has that unique gift of "seeing" women and the beauty that comes into our lives if we chose to embrace it. Her blog embraces beauty in a most magical way and with the most poetic words. Janet was one of my first blog supporters, the one with the most incredible comments that would lift your heart and inspire you to be more. Oh my!....... the goddess post, we all had so much fun with that! I am most certainly not a goddess, but I loved that Janet made me feel like one! For those of you who have visited her blog or had a comment from Janet, you know exactly what I mean.

Some people are like that aren't they? The type who rarely toot their own horn, always looking to toot it for others instead. Her gorgeous array of petite gifts landed on my doorstep at Christmas, something just for me, something so unexpected, something so perfect, something so me. Wrapped to perfection, they stayed unopened for days and days ..........I do love the anticipation.

When I opened the final box, I literally gasped. Laudree ribbons! How perfectly perfect.

Could anyone give me a more thoughtful gift?

Isn't it a good week to give someone a little something? Something thoughtful? Something you know is just for them? For no reason other than you adore them or that they really could use something pretty. I think Janet at French Blue,the most incredibly giving woman would love than more than anything. If you do gift someone this week and spread around some good feelings, go tell her here, she will be delighted.

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. How sweet! I will definitely pop over there for a look. Love, love, love laduree ... whenever any friends go to France, they know to bring home their vanilla tea for my Kate ... they inspired me to try my hand at macaron - a very delicious experiment!

  2. Dearest Sande,

    What an incredibly beautiful post honoring one of my very favorite magical souls on this gorgeous planet! Janet is the sparkle in every thing which shines....


  3. Dear Sande~

    Oh friend, I feel like the prettiest present in the prettiest paper with so many beautiful ribbons & bows wrapped all around me, like you just gift wrapped me!!

    You just took my breath away... I am sitting here wiping tears and smiling at the same time! I can't even find the words to write how touched I am with this post.

    I think we make beautiful sweet surprises together!!

    Thank you for every word you wrote about FrenchBlue and most of all Thank you for seeing me!!

    I am so honored to be on this page with you today!


  4. Oh my...
    I'm so glad you did this post.
    Janet has been so kind and supportive of me too.
    She instinctively has been so wonderful as I'm new to this blogging world and it has meant the world to me whenever she visits and leaves such sweet and kind comments. It truly lifts me and makes me walk on clouds if only for a few lovely minutes...
    Sande...the same from you too. I would like to take this moment to tell you how much I have loved all the times you've come to visit me and left me in the same state :)
    Thank you both for being such incredible, loving and supportive women. I'm so honored to know you through blogging!!!

  5. Oh I love that ribbon, what a wonderfully thoughtful gift!

  6. Ohhh Dear Sande~

    What a beautifully written post! You brought tears to my eyes as your genuine heart writes how wonderful my mom is. She is so beautiful inside & out. I know you've touched her with your thoughtfulness and sincere gratuity. :-) You are so sweet Sande.

    Those little gifts you got are so pretty! You deserved them! I know and mom knows you will create something unbelievable with those Laduree ribbons. :-)

    Thank you for reminding us all to 'give' this week. Giving is one of the best gifts for yourself.

    Much love & friendship to you always.
    xo Noel

  7. Oh Sande I think you just gave your friend Janet such a wonderful gift and tribute, I am going to go over and meet her at her blog right now. Such beautiful words, truly a loving gift of friendship,Kathysue

  8. Sande Darling,
    I don't know you but I've found you through French Blue blog, one of my fav blog. You both girls are great!

  9. sande.... janet is darling and so are you.. it feels so good to have such wonderful friends doesn't it??? i LOVE my family and friends... without them we are nothing... x pam

  10. Dear Sande,
    I will just repeat what everyone else has said. Janet was one of the first blogs that I found and she has been such a generous, loyal and supportive blogging friend. Her posts are the most beautiful in the world of blogs and I just get so much from the beautiful images and poetic text.
    .... and, she has gone out of her way to find you the most perfect gift. I wouldn't expect anything less from her.
    A wonderful post to a wonderful person.
    By the way, I am exactly the same with presents that are given to me. I linger over them for days and when I finally decide to open them, it is a very slow process. My family despair of me. It is a very big family joke. While they are tearing into their Christmas presents, paper and ribbon flying everywhere, I have slowly opened one corner, taking care not to tear the paper , as it's re-used at a later date, the ribbon is safely put in a corner. ...and the process goes on until the present is revealed. I think that opening the present is as good as what's inside. !!!! XXXX

  11. Bonjour Sande,
    Beautiful, thoughtful post. French Blue is one of my favorites! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Don't know how I've missed you either, but glad I found you. Tomorrow is blog catch up day. I'll be back and spend some time.
    Have a wonderful evening

  12. That Janet is something...and so are you! Didn't you just about pass out? Gorgeous.


  13. Sande,

    These gifts that Janet wrapped for you are fit for any goddess, that's for sure. I love the little white cascading pom-poms and the gold and white wrapping paper. These gifts are indeed magical and gold-It appears that Janet (as well as you) has the Midas touch!

    This was a such a sweet gesture that Janet did for you. I know that you must have been overcome with gratitude.


  14. It is so wonderful when you are surprised with something that "fits" what you love. What a sweet treat!


  15. I just discover your great blog I love it ! I made a link from my French blog to yours !
    Have a nice weekend

  16. Oh my goodness, I am SWOONING over the Laduree ribbons!! Yummy. (Their treats and their wrapping!)

  17. What can I say when you are talking about my best friend in the world?!

    Janet is the most thoughtful and caring person. I wish I knew her as a young girl as we would have been joined at the hips!

    Everything you said is true about her not tooting her horn and supporting other women. If everyone did that...cheered each other on instead of competing, imagine what a world it would be!

    Lovely post Sande! And you are very humble and generous too!! Lynn

  18. There are some really remarkable women that I have come to know through my little blog.

    Sande, it is women like you and like Janet that inspire us to remain graceful in our everyday life and in our little blogs.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful gesture between friends.

    xo Lisa

  19. You, dear Sande, are a cadeau for those of us who have fallen in love with you and your exquisite blog.

    Merci pour tout, especially the beauty you bring into our days.


  20. Wow, only Janet...and YOU! Happy new year to a wonderful friend both real and virtual! I love having your pretty blog and inspiration at my fingertips and can't wait for more good stuff in 2011!


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