Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feeling in the Mood for Glam

The best part of having a Giveaway may be finally meeting many of the followers and readers of this blog. Well........... Hello! How wonderful to hear from you and see where you are all coming from, a delight during this week of drywall, painting, floor sealing, cleaning, moving furniture, you do remember that flood we had in my studio 2 weeks before Christmas, this is the final repair. So I am a bit behind on blog posts ( I do have plenty of giveaway entries to write!) but am setting up a new photo area so I can get back on track with more gift wrapping ideas and more glam, more of everything. Nothing like a general re-do and clean-up of your physical space to make you rethink things. All I can say is this blog is going to be lots of fun in 2010 so stay with me and welcome, welcome to all the new followers. I am so glad you are here.

No, the giveaway is not these shoes, but it is pinkish and fabulous
so click here is you haven't entered.

Heading in a new direction...........

Ist photo from Paris Atelier/2nd photo from Coco & Kelley/3rd photo from Beautiful Things to Share.


  1. Its also nice to meet you.The double sided tape works a treat and is less painful than the glue gun hehe
    I still think the internet is the most amazing place to feed your creative soul. I have a bad day with my son who has Aspergers and i just let myself dream visiting people like you.Thankyou

  2. Well Sande,
    All I can say is, you can never have too much glam, can you ?
    I will be looking forward to all of your forthcoming, glamorous posts ! Mind you, I thought all of your previous posts were pretty glamorous. XXXX

  3. I love your blog and I am looking forward to more visits this year to see your fab way of presenting lovely gifts,Kathysue

  4. I can't wait to find out who won. It really is a very nice giveaway. :-)

  5. I must agree too, never too much glam !
    sadly, i didn't enter your giveway not that i didn't want to (on the contrary!) but i live in Spain so it would have been complicated..
    Looking forward to your fabulous posts in 2010!

  6. I'm following in your direction...because I know it will lead to somewhere glamorous!


  7. Always lovely to follow your posts...a real treat and I love all the shoes you feature, if only I could be brave enough to wear them!
    Jeanne :)

  8. Your Majesty! I am loving the shoes!!! All of the images are simply divine! Hence my choosing your beautiful blog for an award! Yes, it is waiting for you at

    I love love love glamour!! Thanks for sharing these lovely images with all of us Queenie!

    Royal wishes,

  9. It is nice to meet you too...I'm looking forward for the things to come on your blog!


  10. I so rarely think to comment on my favorite style and design sites... I get all shy and switch into lurker mode. And I'm not at all like that with the other blogs I read - but I do just love your blog and shop!

  11. Thank you for your fabulous comment on my rainbow post. . . I loved it!

  12. Hi sweetie, delightful dress, so frothy, I hope you caught the gift wrapped inspired post I dedicated to you, along with details of your giveaway over on My Passport to Style.Don't guess its possible for me to win, seeing as I live in the UK,but you really inspired me with the beauty of you giveaway!I would like to personally invite you to my fundraising tea dance over @ My Passport to Style! It's to raise money for Haiti and does not cost you a penny!I do hope you will come and participate. Sharon xx

  13. Just discovered your it!


  14. Oh My Sande!

    Today I crown YOU the Queen from the Goddess!! 194 entries!!! Congratulations on the best giveaway post and all your new followers my friend!!! OMG Big smiles & hugs to you!!


  15. I lovee that last photo~ It's sooo beautiful. Your Lanvin box is GREAT!

    xo Noel

  16. Beautiful images, Sandi! Visiting your blog is always sure to delight + inspire. Those shoes are stunning!

    Wishing you a smooth and wonderful week ahead...

    p.s thank you for all of your sweet comments!


  17. I'm heading in a new direction too and it feels right! I cannot wait to see what you have planned as each visit to your blog brings a bit of beauty into my day. Best wishes Sande!

  18. If only I could walk up those candlelit stairs, in those glorious pink shoes, and find a Lanvin box of my very own....ahhhh, the beauty of daydreaming!

  19. Can't wait to see Sande....I always love a dose of your glam, xv.

  20. I know where you are coming from I had a pipe burst in an upstairs bathroom .I had been painting a mural for 7 hours and came home to 40 thousand dollars damage. Ours happened on Dec, 2 and they put in my kitchen next week.I hope to have it all finished before I go to Puerto Rico in 2 weeks. I hope your fix is done soon.Kathy


Your comments are such a lovely addition to my day. Thank you.


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