Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gift Wrapping ~ Versailles style

Don't worry, just hold on to those scissors, the next Gift Wrap Lesson is coming up this week for those of you who are waiting to move on to Step 2. Sounds like many of you have stocked up on double-sided tape after Lesson One even if I do get in big trouble with 3M. I am sure 3M has a good double-sided tape. But just a small break here, something to motivate you before you progress to more practical concerns of how to cut and wrap paper (I know most of you already know how but are likely just indulging me). I just had to share one of the Wrap room gifts I did for a customer who wanted to give her friend a special birthday gift. Because the question often come up.........what do you get the woman who has everything? This Wrap Room idea might be just the thing, around here I refer to it as the gift that keeps on giving. Everybody has gift giving and every time she goes to wrap, she is going to mentally thank you.......... again and again.

If you have seen the new Wrap Room collection on my website, you know each presentation box is filled with wrapping supplies, gift wrap, ribbon, tissue paper, embellishments. But I realized you might not be seeing how this all looks when someone opens it up if you were giving it as a gift. I do have to say if something is this much fun to wrap, then it sure must be fun to intention when I created this concept. This is a new collection called Versailles which isn't on the website until next week but I couldn't wait to give you a sneak peek. The paper colours are intense and dramatic, red, orange and blue papers with a gilded damask pattern and the showstopper is the wide satin ribbons in equally bright colours that I had imprinted with Versailles in shiny gold. Purple satin ribbon on orange paper, hot pink on the blue, and regal red on red paper. Or any combination you like, that's the fun of this Versailles collection, I designed it so any paper and ribbon colour combination would work. I also wanted it to be a bit over-the-top, spectacular and drop dead I imagine Versailles was in it's stylish heyday with women dressed in gowns of high colour.

Customers can add extras, personal petite gifts from the Small Gifts & Embellishments section on the website that add to the fun of opening a Wrap Room gift. In this case it was a box of stationery note cards from France, extra spools of ribbon, Paris labels, and a MOR Lip Delight tied up in hand-dyed silk. The two tissue papers in this collection are chartreuse green and a vivid melon orange and I think the black and white stripe taffeta ribbon adds a fabulous finish. This new Versailles collection is the tabletop and demonstration pattern I am using in a upcoming event so you will soon see it's remarkable colour combinations.

Don't ask me what my favorite Wrap Room collection is.........I simply love them all. I just love the way they all look different and everyone can have their own little Wrap Room in a box. It does appear that women love the elegance and subdued glamour of the Paris Pink as shown above. An early order favorite and rightfully so..........feminine but sophisticated. Next up on the style board are Wrap Room collections that hit a more modern note. Modern sounds simpler doesn't it? Not so will be my biggest gift wrapping challenge yet. Restraint is always more difficult don't you think?

All photos by Sande Chase ~ A Gift Wrapped Life


  1. Great idea ~ a gift of gift wrap! I love this, Sande, although I don't think I could use it. I would just take the box out to look at all the pretty contents!

  2. I so so adore these...I think if someone gave me a box full of gift wrap that would be the BEST gift ever! I love Paris Pink! xoxoxo

  3. What a great idea! Darling blog too.


  4. They are simply divine! A true art in itself, what a wonderful idea you have.

  5. Fabulous idea, the gift that keeps on giving, love it.

    Versailles is the perfect name, that's just what it reminds me of.

    Thanks for dropping in Twice!! .. borrow away darling!

  6. Sande,

    I just arrived back in town, and there is a very big box waiting for me! I can't wait to open it up tomorrow!


  7. Great idea! your packaging always looks so lovely, Have a sweet day! x

  8. The roses tucked into the bow are just divine! You never fail to impress : )
    XX Kate "the NEO-trad"

  9. i would have a hard time unwrapping one of your beautiful gifts! if someone presented me with such a package, i'd faint dead away!

  10. I love every wrap ensemble you come up with - they are all perfect eye candy, Sande!

  11. It is all so beautiful ~ a gift within a gift.


  12. Your color combinations are fresh, and inspired {inspiring!} Love the idea of a gift of giftwrap too, just perfect.
    xo Lidy

  13. The small things make life grand and what a simply marvelous gift!

  14. Great idea...I would love the experience of receiving and unwrapping one of your gifts! Then to my surprise...more gifting... Decadence!

  15. Sande-I love that gilded damask pattern.

  16. Sande,
    Everything you create and touch is heavenly! And opening up that box does take your breath away!!! I can't wait to see your interpretation of modern gift wrap.
    I sent you an email a few days back. I hope you have received it.
    I hope you are having a good day,

  17. It's fabulous Sande,
    I love the colors! I could definitely see you wrapped in red with guilded heels out for a fabulous night with your hubby in Versailles!
    xo Lisa

  18. Oh! Pretty gift wrapped. I love it all. I am not good in gift wrapping that's why I also wanna learn how to do it. Can you teach me? Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing!


  19. Adorable blog! You are so creative and have such great ideas!

  20. How beautiful and simply gorgeous! What a fabulous idea to give a gift of giftwrap! Love you blog!
    Hope to be back soon!

  21. I so so adore these...I think if someone gave me a box full of gift wrap that would be the BEST gift ever! I love Paris Pink!

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  22. Brilliant work! Those are just simply beautiful gift wrappers.

  23. Sande I would love to get a gift like this, I am a ribbon addict so this would be an amazing gift. Gorgeous collection,Kathysue

  24. Totally awesome wrapping ideas. Receiving a gift and wrap like this, you'd feel so important and loved.


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