Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dutch Touch Art....... French Alphabet Series

~ Body Parts ~

~ Before You Go ~

~ Rose & Table ~

~ Animaux ~

I have shown you the work of Dutch Touch Art once before in a post, a huge and spectacular floral painting that is mesmerizing in its luminous detail and size. Dutch Touch Art first captured my attention at the tail end of my design career and my second thought was "where were they when I needed them most?' Of course my first thought being " their work is incredible" and as you browse through their website you will see what I mean. Picture their collection of florals, still life, animals, and portraits in a modern or traditional setting and you will appreciate that their oil paintings have a unique quality that makes them perfect for either direction. This French Alphabet Series is a more humble series for this company know for their lush, old world oil paintings (and I mean lush), but I thought they were simply charming. Wouldn't they be adorable in a sophisticated nursery? The company was originally founded in The Netherlands but opened a New York and Los Angeles showroom in 2000 run by mother-daughter team Barbara von Schreiber and Shawn Silver. They have an interesting new artist addition to their collection that I will show you in an upcoming post. Though only available to the trade, the company would be more than happy to help direct you should you fall in love in one of their paintings. Many of their paintings are available in several sizes and many of them dramatically oversized which can be a bonus in adding visual drama to interiors.

All photos provided by Dutch Touch Art


  1. Hi Sande, hope things are going a bit better with your dad. This is beautiful and I didn't know of it at all, so I've learned something today. Come see what we're doing over at my place, maybe you'll join us next week. xx's

  2. They really are so charming. On my way to check out the site! Continued good thoughts for your Dad, Sande. Hope is getting stronger with each day.
    Catherine xx

  3. Hi Sande,

    beautiful pictures!!!

    Greetings from Germany Sabine

  4. It reminds me of a book I have: A French Alphabet Book of 1814. Have you seen that one? I think you would like it! It is a set of watercolors executed by Arnaud Bourdier de Beauregard, a French noble, for his young nephew. I saw it in Bergdorf Goodman. I found it charming, and I would not be surprised to find it was an inspiration for these. They look truly nearly identical. Now I have to get the book to see, and then click over to see these on that site.
    Hope your dad is on the mend.
    Best, always,

  5. Hi Sande,
    May you have a sweet week and God Bless.
    I'm enjoying your blog...glad I found you in blogland.
    Prayers are very comforting and pleased to hear that your Dad is doing better. Said a prayer for you and him.
    d from homehaven

  6. I too have the French Alphabet Book of 1814 which bears a strong resemblance to your image above. It is so charming.
    I hope your dad is continuing to improve and that you are also finding some time to relax.

  7. I love these Sande...very good for the vocabulary too! Hope all is well there, xv.

  8. Hope your Dad is feeling better.
    These are so incredibly charming, off to check out the site, thanks for the intro!

  9. oh! I need some of these throughout my apartment!

  10. Sande ~

    These are fabulous! I would love a few for the crumb...

    Hope your Dad is feeling much better.


  11. o, I LOVE these. just my type of thing....thanks for spotlighting that group and their pieces...

  12. These are the BEST! I want one now!! I am going to venture over and take a lot, even though they sell to the trade only. Guess I'm the trade, no? Anyway, thanks for the great tip Sande!

  13. Sande, I agree a nursery would be wonderful in this paper. These are so charming, thanks for sharing,Kathysue

  14. After seeing these beautiful images I scooted over to the website and became totally absorbed.
    Thank you for sharing,


  15. This French Alphabet series are amazing! Fabulous choice and thank you for the introduction as well. Wishing you wonderful the rest of the week. :-)

  16. Oh Sande - these photos are so lovely! I would think these would be beautiful on a nursery wall! I especially love the nest and the turtle! Thanks for these beautiful photos!

    I hope your father is continuing to improve~~~


  17. How I'm missed your beautiful photos and writings. This Dutch art is so fun and beautifully done. Makes my creative wheels start churning..Thank you for introduction.

    I hope you are doing well (your family too) and enjoying these last days of spring. Hard to believe summer is lapping on our heels. Have the best kind of weekend dear Sande.

    All my best to you xx Deb

  18. Hi, love them they are outstanding.. Jeanette

  19. I love these, Sande! Thanks for the intro and have a wonderful weekend. Love to you...

  20. My favorite is the Papillon & Nid sheet:)
    Beautiful find Sande!

  21. Lovely prints...the soft, neutral color palette is devine!

  22. The flowers are divine. They look so real. The rest is outstanding! I can't even paint a hangman! HA Thanks for showing us such beauty.

  23. Sande, when I think of you, I just think, "She is such a LADY." You have the most exquisite taste and introduce us to so much loveliness. This post is a fine example! I can't wait to check out their site and see more, because these paintings just sing to me. I hope that your dad is continuing to recuperate well. Always happy to see a new update from you on my blogroll!
    xx Suzanne

  24. Those are lovely. I had hoped that they were gift wrap - I'd pair them with thick black velvet ribbon. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  25. Hoping your father is feeling better by the time you read this. xx

    These prints are wonderful. I LOVE things oversized - especially when it comes to art.

    Hope you have a nice weekend ahead.

    xx Charlotta

  26. Really lovely, Sande. They remind me of illustrations in some Edwardian children's books.
    Hope all's well with you, Sande and that your Dad continues to improve.I suspect that you will be quite weary if you are visiting often. Look after yourself, won't you ? XXXX

  27. WOW Sande, this is an incredible source, thank you for sharing. I am a huge fan of portraits; you will see why when you see the next post or two on the house :) They take me back to the Louvre... I forgot to mention how much I love the photo of your parents; my best wishes to your parents and I'm so glad your Dad continues to get stronger! xxoo Andrea

  28. What a brilliant idea, they would be ideal in a sophisticated nursery! I just love this artwork.
    love DJ xoxo

  29. This is just lovely! So pretty... did I ever tell you that I am half French and half Dutch? Love this post not only for the pure look of the pieces, but for learning the background, too :)

  30. those are soooo cool!!! and their artwork is amazing too!!!

  31. Please what is the really web of the dutch touch art?


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